Start College Now allows students who are high school juniors or seniors the opportunity to take college courses at a Wisconsin technical college during the regular academic year while also completing high school.

If you're an interested junior or senior, meet with your high school guidance counselor to discuss your career plans and determine if enrolling in college courses through the Start College Now program is right for you.

If you are unable to access documents here, please contact Career Prep & Dual Enrollment (, 608.822.2367)

How to Apply

If you have completed the 10th grade (Program is available to 11th and 12th grade students) and are in good academic standing you can apply to the Start College Now Program. Here's how to apply!

  1. Complete the Start College Now Application

    1. Follow the provided instructions and fill out the first portion of the application.
    2. Sign and obtain your parent/guardian’s signature on the application.
  2. Submit the completed form to your school district by March 1 for fall semester courses and October 1 for spring semester courses.

The application will be presented at a school board meeting and following approval, it will be sent to Southwest Tech. Southwest Tech will follow up with you regarding the next steps for course registration.

General Information Regarding Start College Now

High school students will be allowed to enroll in requested courses only if there is space available and if all course prerequisite requirements are met.

Start College Now applications may be denied by the technical college if a student has a history of disciplinary issues.

Most school districts have a policy regarding the number of credits per student for which they will pay. Students and parents should contact their school district to find out this amount. If a student registers for credits beyond this amount, the student will be responsible for the payment of tuition and fees. It should be noted that individuals are not eligible for financial aid if they have not graduated from high school.

High school students may request enroll in a full program through Start College Now; however, per state statute, Start College Now students are not guaranteed a spot in the program.

If a student requests to enroll in a full program area, the student will follow Southwest Tech’s registration calendar, meaning that they will register for courses during the dates set for Start College Now students, which takes place after regular program students.

When a student has successfully completed the fall semester of a one-year program and enrolls in the remainder of the program courses for the spring semester, the student will be allowed to complete a program application to be eligible to graduate and earn the technical diploma.

Students participating in courses through Start College Now are eligible for Southwest Tech’s Dean’s List only if accepted to and enrolled in a program.

Commonly Requested Courses

The following is a list of courses that students often request. These are provided as a starting point, but almost any program or general education course may be requested.

  • Written Communication
  • Speech
  • Introduction to Sociology
  • Introduction to Psychology
  • Economics
  • Introduction to Diversity Studies
  • Intro to Ethics: Theory and App
  • Introductory Statistics
  • General Anatomy and Physiology
  • Medical Terminology
  • Nursing Assistant