Make a difference in someone's life

Help us spread the word that Southwest Tech offers a valuable experience and gives our students the skills they need to get right into a career.

How can you do this?

  • Refer a student and our team will reach out to that person.
  • Brag us up! Don’t be shy about Southwest Tech's value. You can assist us by telling your story to that student.
  • Encourage the student to attend a visit event.
  • Keep in touch with students and ask them about their experience and life at Southwest Tech.
  • Encourage the student to take advantage of the many opportunities available at Southwest Tech.
    • Engage participation in campus groups and activities
    • Offer to give a recommendation to them when applying for scholarships at Southwest Tech
    • Encourage participation in student worker opportunities

What we will do

  • One of our staff members will reach out (through the contact information provided) to that student to schedule a visit.
  • We will look at their interest, and provide information on programs that they may be interested in.
  • For students interested in enrolling, we will offer guidance through the application and enrollment process.
  • Our staff will offer further communication via email and text about things of interest to the student.
  • Our staff will assist the student throughout their Southwest Tech experience.