Southwest Tech provides students with an affordable education. In addition low tuition, many students receive scholarships to further reduce their costs.

Annual Cost of College Tuition

Southwest Wisconsin Technical College
(Includes Fees)
UW 4-Year Institutions
(Includes Fees)
 $7,444 min. | $10,742 max. 
All 4-Year Institutions
Public Out-of-State/Private Nonprofit
(Includes Fees)
 $32,548 Avg. 

Low Tuition No Matter Where You Live

Wisconsin Resident
Degree and Diploma Programs: $141.00/credit*
Associate of Arts & Science Degrees: $188.90/credit*
Out-Of-State Resident
Degree and Diploma Programs: $211.50/credit*
Associate of Arts & Science Degrees: $283.35/credit*

* Effective Summer 2021. Does not include books, materials or program/college-related fees.

Hundreds of donors give generously to help alleviate the cost of college through scholarships. Eligibility only requires that you have applied to be a Southwest Tech student or are a current student and taking six or more credits for the upcoming fall semester.

Southwest Tech also has many opportunities for high school students to earn college credit through agreements with school districts, saving money and time while pursuing educational goals.

Cost of Attendance (COA) 24-25

Cost of Attendance (COA) is a total of all the usual expenses of being a student. The COA sets the maximum amount of financial aid a student can receive.

Category Amount
Tuition and Fees $4,820
Living Expenses (Housing and Food) $9,148
Books and Supplies $1,466
Personal Expenses $3,608
Transportation $4,018
Charger Tech 360 Fee $600
Loan Fees $84
Yearly Total (Living Away from Home) $23,744
1 Semester Total (Living Away from Home) $11,872

Based on Wisconsin Residents.

Approximate school costs are for a full-time (12 credit) student over a semester span of 17 weeks.

Fees are legislated by the Wisconsin Technical College System Board.

These costs are estimates and are subject to change without notice.