September 19th, 2018
9:30 AM – 2:00 PM

Southwest Tech's Agriculture programs are growing! Visit us on Ag Day, September 19th, for with the opportunity to learn about technology used within the ag industry and at Southwest Tech.


Location: Lenz Center, Southwest Tech


9:30 AM


Location: Lenz Center, Southwest Tech
Featured Speaker: Alice in Dairyland Kaitlyn Riley

9:50 AM - 2:20 PM

Educational sessions will start every half hour:

  1. What’s in your freezer! Discuss the process of slaughtering animals and understand how much meat is harvested using hands-on activities.
    Location: Rm 107, Main Campus
  2. What’s under your feet? Evaluate how healthy your soil is by making cottage cheese. Discuss granulation of soil particles and soil structure.
    Location: Rm 112, Main Campus
  3. Hey….that’s my farm! Practice flying drones on simulation software. Test your skills and learn practical applications of drones in agriculture.
    Location: Rm 103, Main Campus
  4. 2000 miles in 3 minutes! Discover how many miles your food traveled to get to your plate. Tour our GROWLAB used to grow vegetables, row crops, and hands-on applications with herbicides.
    Location: Rm 114, Main Campus
  5. Under pressure? Find out what causes high pressure in a hydraulic system.
    Location: Rm 1716 – south end of Ag/Auto Center on east side of Bronson
  6. What keeps you cool in the field? Learn how the components of the air conditioning system work together to keep you cool in a tractor cab.
    Location: Rm 1718 – south end of Ag/Auto Center on east side of Bronson
  7. Ah….she’s having a baby. Learn the important steps of delivering a calf with care. Understand the natural process that aids in healthy calves.
    Location: Rm 413, Main Campus
  8. Looks like Rain. Observe water quality and filtration on various soil covers and slopes with the Rainfall Simulator.
    Location: Rm 413, Main Campus
11:50 AM – 12:20 PM
Lunch A Served - Lenz Center
12:20 PM – 12:50 PM
Lunch B Served - Lenz Center
2:20 PM
Educational sessions conclude
2:30 PM