September 17th, 2019
9:30 AM – 2:00 PM

Southwest Tech's Agriculture programs are growing! Visit us on Ag Day, September 17th, for an opportunity to learn about technology used within the ag industry and at Southwest Tech.


Location: Lenz Center, Southwest Tech


9:30 AM


Location: Lenz Center, Southwest Tech
Featured Speaker: Southwest Tech Ag Alumni

9:50 AM - 1:50 PM

Educational sessions will start every half hour:

  1. Who’s driving this thing? Learn about auto-steer on a tractor and see a demonstration first hand on how it works.
    Location: Rm 1718 – south end of Ag/Auto Center on east side of Bronson
  2. Be Outstanding in Your Field! Learn how to predict how much corn or soybeans you will harvest while it is still standing in the field.
    Location: Rm 413, Main Campus
  3. Hey….that’s my farm! Practice flying drones on simulation software. Test your skills and learn practical applications of drones in agriculture.
    Location: Rm 103, Main Campus
  4. But, But, Budgeting. Discover how to create a budget on raising crops or livestock. Practice by calculating your monthly living expenses.
    Location: Rm 107, Main Campus
  5. Milk please! Figure out the best colostrum milk to feed newborn calves by testing different fresh cow milk samples for quality.
    Location: Rm 112, Main Campus
  6. Making the Grade. Discover what happens to the grain produced on the farm after it leaves the farm gate.
    Location: Rm 114, Main Campus
  7. What do Cows Eat? Deconstruct a dairy cow diet and try some for yourself!
    Location: Rm 108, Main Campus
11:50 AM – 12:20 PM
Lunch A Served - Lenz Center
12:20 PM – 12:50 PM
Lunch B Served - Lenz Center
1:50 PM
Educational sessions conclude
2:00 PM


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