The following form is intended for anyone to report a complaint, concern, or incident. The appropriate department and/or staff member will follow-up with you regarding your report. Please note, information will be kept confidential as much as possible depending on the nature of the report.

Type of Report Being Submitted

Report Types

  • Academic Complaint or Concern: Complaint and/or concern about an academic program, course, grade appeal, or instructor.
  • Accident: Report of bodily harm as the result of an accident or incident on Southwest Tech property.
  • Employee Complaints: Complaint about a Southwest Tech employee.
  • Employee Concerns: Concern for the health and/or safety of a Southwest Tech employee.
  • Facility and Operational Complaints or Concerns: Complaint and/or concern about a facility or college operation/service.
    (Examples: icy sidewalk or unreturned phone call)
  • Student Academic Misconduct: Allegation of a student violating the Academic Integrity expectations of Student Code of Conduct, Student Handbook, or program handbook.
    (Examples: cheating, plagiarizing, asking another student for test questions and/or answers)
  • Student Behavioral Misconduct: Complaint and/or concern about a student violating the Student Code of Conduct or Student Handbook.
    (Examples: bullying/cyberbullying, disruptive behavior, or fighting)

All fields are required unless stated.

Reporting Party Information

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Information for person of concern

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Incident Information
Incident Information

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