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The mission of driver education in Wisconsin high schools is to provide students with the skills to drive safely. Driver and safety education is based on the belief that this is a critical lifelong skill affecting the conservation and quality of human health and life. In order to accomplish its mission, driver and safety education programs focus on providing learning opportunities for the development of the skills, knowledge, and thought processes necessary to become a safe and efficient driver, and a responsible user of the Highway Transportation System (HTS).

Southwest Tech's Driver Education Program will prepare students with at least minimal capabilities for entry into the highway traffic system as vehicle operators, equip students with the knowledge and thought processes to enable them to make wise decisions as drivers and help students acquire the insight and motivation needed to become responsible users of the Highway Transportation System.

Southwest Tech offers both traditional and online driver education to students within our district and throughout the state, as well as behind-the-wheel instruction for our district high schools.

If you are unable to access documents here, please contact Driver Education (driversed@swtc.edu, 608.822.2466)
  • Driver Ed Theory
  • Registering for driver education classes at your high school

    You must be 14 years of age or older and enrolled as a student or live within the district of this high school if home-schooled.

    Registration is available anytime during the offered semester to students 14 years of age and older.

    Parents of home-schooled students, please contact your district high school for confirmation of class dates and times, and any cancellations or schedule changes.

  • Online Option
  • Registering for online driver education

    The online driver education course is for WISCONSIN RESIDENTS ONLY, was approved by the State of Wisconsin in 2004 and is offered throughout the year on Schoology, a password-protected Course Management System.

    Registration is available anytime during the offered semester to students 14 years of age and older.

    NOTE: The Online Driver Education course is located on Southwest Tech's Schoology site. Instructions for accessing Schoology will be sent via email once the registration is complete.

  • Behind-the-Wheel
  • Registering for behind-the-wheel instruction

    Students will receive their permit application from their instructor after registration and payment of behind-the-wheel fees. Students should register for the course offered at the high school they attend or district they currently reside if home-schooled.

  • For Adults (over 18)
  • Registering for ADULT behind-the-wheel instruction

    You must be over the age of 18 and live within the Southwest Tech district high schools we service.


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