Creating a NEW Document

  • Click on create a new resume (or create a new cover letter).
  • Choose the format/template that you would like (don't worry; you can change it later if you end up not liking it).
  • Click on "Select Template"
  • Complete fields as necessary

To make changes (you must be in edit mode first)

  • Move Sections
    • Put the mouse over the tab until you see a cross-shape instead of an arrow.
    • Hold a left-click and drag the tab where you want in (in the order you would like)
  • Add sections
    • Click on the "Add New" tab
    • Choose the section you would like
    • Click "Add Section"
  • To "remove" a section
    • Click on the tab of the section you would like removed
    • Click "disable Section" (on the top-right side of the screen)


  • Tip: Before moving on to a new tab, make sure to click "Save and Continue" on the current tab you are working on.
  • When choosing the city and state for education and employment, choose the option that does NOT have United States on it.
  • You can preview your document at any time during edit mode by clicking preview on the top-right side of the screen.
  • To change the format/template, you must be in edit mode and then click on "preview." After you find one you like, click on "Proceed to Download."

To Download and/or Save Your Document (when not in edit mode)

  • On the main page, find the document you want (if you only created one, you will know it's the only one available; if you created more than one, you should label them).
  • Click on the section that says "Download Resume" and has an up-down arrow on it
  • Choose which format you would like to download the document in
    • If you download in Word, you can make changes (which may be necessary)
    • If you download in PDF, you will not be able to make changes

To Rename, Edit, Delete or Duplicate Your Document (when not in edit mode)

  • Look for the word "options" above the document and click on the down-arrow to the right of it. You can choose which action you want (edit, delete, rename, or duplicate).