Book vouchers are used in place of cash, checks or credit/debit cards which allow students to charge required books and materials to their student account. They are issued by the Financial Aid office and are available approximately two weeks before the start of the semester until approximately four weeks into the semester.* To be eligible for a book voucher you must have filed a FAFSA and have all paperwork turned in to the Financial Aid office in a timely manner. A book voucher must be obtained at the beginning of each semester as these do not carry over from one semester to another due to verification of academic standing at the end of each semester. When you receive your financial aid disbursement, Bookstore charges will already be deducted.

What books/items are required for my class(es)?

  1. Login to your MySWTC student portal. Make sure you are in the correct term.
  2. Once logged in, see left side of screen under ADMINSTRATIVE SERVICES and select “MY TEXTBOOKS”. As long as you are registered the book information will autofill.
  3. If you wish to have your books shipped or preorder for in store pickup, create a username and password at It is suggested to keep your login the same as your MySWTC student portal. Once you have created an account at the Bookstore website, you can go back to your student portal and select items to purchase and check out either paying with credit card or with a Financial Aid Book Voucher by choosing “A/R FINANCIAL AID” as the payment method.* You can opt for store pick up or shipping.

*Cost estimates by program are located on the College’s website. Costs of books and required material are calculated based on data from the previous year. Those are estimates, not price quotes.