Disability Services creates conditions that empower and support students with disabilities to reach their goals for learning. Disability Services works in partnership with faculty, staff and wider communities on behalf of students with disabilities.

Who We Serve

We serve any students (on campus as well as online learners) who are eligible to receive accommodations at Southwest Tech, including those with:

  • various types of learning disabilities
  • attention-deficit disorders
  • all types of psychiatric disorders
  • orthopedic impairments
  • sensory disabilities
  • other health impairments
  • autism spectrum disorders

What We Offer

Disability Services determines whether a student has a disability under the pertinent disability laws and approves reasonable accommodations to ensure equal access to all programs at Southwest Tech.

We also support students through a variety of other non-mandated services to encourage successful completion of their education.

How to Get Started

In order to ensure accommodations are in place when classes begin, students with disabilities are encouraged to complete this process at least four weeks before the first day of the semester. If classes have already begun please contact our Support/Disability Services Specialist.

  1. Provide documentation to Disability Services. For required documentation, refer to description of the type of accommodation you need or call Support Services at 608.822.2631 or 608.822.2632.
  2. Meet with the Disability Specialist. Contact Disability Services to schedule a meeting time.

Support Services Hours

7:00am - 6:00pm Monday
7:00am - 5:30pm Tuesday - Thursday
7:00am - 3:00pm Friday (Closed during June & July)
Closed Saturday and Sunday