Career Pathways offer new ways to achieve your education goals. Instead of studying just one program, the Career Pathways model links related academic programs in a sequence. Each program offers direct job preparation AND a path to the next higher academic program.

Start Here
Pathway Certificate

A Pathway Certificate is an initial set of courses taken from an approved degree that provides you with a set of specific skills to prepare you for entrylevel employment. Once you earn your certificate, you can choose to enter the workforce or apply your credits towards the technical diploma program.

Grow Your Skills
Technical Diploma

A technical diploma is a set of courses that provides you with specific job skills to further enhance the knowledge you gained from the Pathway Certificate curriculum. If you choose to continue with your education, all credits earned in the technical diploma will transfer directly into the associate degree program.

Grow Your Knowledge
Associate Degree

A two-year, post-high school program with specific course requirements.

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