The Knox Learning Center offers a variety of independent study math courses every semester. These courses are available to on-campus and online students. Support for these courses comes in many forms: 1-to-1 assistance in the KLC with a math instructor, access to lecture and homework solution videos on the Southwest Tech Math and Science Center YouTube channel, and access to many other online resources through the KLC math website. Whether you need to brush up on foundational math skills, earn credits towards meeting Southwest Tech program math requirements, or simply want personal assistance to solve a math problem, the Knox Learning Center instructors can help.

  • Overview
  • Are these courses right for me?

    If you are self-motivated and organized, independent study courses represent great options to meet your learning goals. You will have autonomy to decide when, where, and how much time you invest in the course work. Particularly motivated students are often able to finish their courses before the scheduled ending date. For students seeking tips on study techniques, or personal 1-to-1 assistance the staff in the Knox Learning Center is available to meet your needs.


    • Classes start in August, January, and June/July.
    • All courses are based within Schoology, which means you can access online information, learning resources, and assessment.
    • No prerequisite for the Math Review course.
    • Math Review is a no-credit course (no tuition fee). Textbook fee still applies.
    • Credit-bearing courses can be done one at a time.
    • Successfully completed credit-bearing courses can be combined to meet program math course requirements such as Applied Math or College Math. See your Advisor for more information.
  • Course List
  • Non-Credit Courses

    These non-credit courses are tuition free.  Only cost is for the textbook.
    There are no prerequisites for these courses except where noted above
    Math Review courses are eight weeks in duration (except for summer session which is 4 weeks) and are offered year round.
    Courses can be done on-campus or online.

    *Course required by program. Typically completed by program students during 4 week summer session, either June or July.

    ** Prerequisite: Completion of Math Review: Nursing Skills

    Credit Courses (each 1 credit)

    These credit-bearing courses may be taken one at a time. These courses may be done on-campus or online. Depending on circumstances, students may do one or more of these courses to earn credit towards their program math requirements. Please contact your Advisor for more information.

    * Prerequisite: Completion of Math Review or Occupational Math

  • Requirements
  • Supplies Needed

    • Scientific Calculator, ideally with a fraction key. These typically cost around $6.00 to $15.00 depending upon brand and model.
    • Course textbooks, obtained from Southwest Tech bookstore.
      • Math Review, Math Review: Nursing Skills, Math Review: PTA Kinesiology – Math Review with Algebra, by Peter C. Esser, published by
      • Math Review: Adv. Nursing Skills – Measurement and Pharmacology Review, by John W. Pluemer, published by
      • Occupational Math - Math Review with Algebra, by Peter C. Esser, published by
      • Occupational Math-Business – Occupational Math Business, by Peter C. Esser, published by
      • Occupational Math-Technical – Occupational Math Technical, by Peter C. Esser, published by

      Note that all the above textbooks are regarded as a consumable resource (non-refundable), since students are encouraged to write directly in the textbook for their homework and quiz assignments.

    • Notebook can be useful if you like to make notes or opt to not complete your work directly in the textbook.
    • Internet Access is ideal but not needed all the time. For example, the textbook for each KLC course is written specifically for independent study students. That means you can do the majority of the coursework with just the textbook, calculator, pencil and paper. That being said, each course offers several videos designed for each course. These are available within Schoology or at Southwest Tech’s Math/Science YouTube channel.


    There are no prerequisites for Math Review, Math Review: Nursing Skills, Math Review: PTA Kinesiology, and Occupational Math.

    The prerequisite for Math Review: Adv. Nursing Skills, Occupational Math-Business, and Occupational Math-Technical is successful completion of Math Review.

    To sign up for these courses, please work with your Advisor so that you are enrolled in the course that best fits your needs.

  • Other Resources
  • The Knox Learning Center not only provides independent study math courses, but also:

    Videos – The Southwest Tech Math/Science YouTube channel offers over 1,000 videos designed to help improve your math and science skills.

    Math Resource Website – Southwest Tech math instructor Pete Esser maintains a web site that features numerous learning resources for learning and improving math skills. Notable is a large collection of free, downloadable drug calculation worksheets.

    Tutoring Services – The Knox Learning Center offers 1-to-1 assistance in math, science, writing, communications, health science, and study effectiveness. Instructors and Academic Success Coaches are available by setting up an appointment or just dropping-in.