Math Help

Math Tutors offers support to all SWTC students for any course involving mathematics.

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Reading Help

If you find yourself not understanding what you are reading, let us know so we can provide you with suggestions and strategies to help you now and in your future career choice.

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Writing Help

Get help for writing and speech support such as: brainstorming topics, grammar and punctuation assistance and general writing support.

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Health Science Help

Whether you are prepping for a test, coming in after a lecture to more completely understand a topic, looking at slides under a microscope, or picking up extra study materials, we are here for you!   We can help students in all of our Health Science Programs! 

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Are you having issues with understanding coding? The online specific tutors will help with your HIT and CIM program courses.

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General Coursework Help

Do you need help with a project, discussion post, assignment ect. Whatever general education course you are working on we can help you!

Study Skill Help

Time management, note taking, and dealing with test anxiety are some of the learning strategies we can cover with you. These topics affect all aspects of your college and career success. Together, we will help you reach your goals at SWTC and beyond.