The Knox Learning Center (KLC) offers a variety of independent study writing courses to on-campus and online students during the fall and spring semesters as well as summer sessions. Support for these courses is available through one-on-one assistance with an instructor along with materials and resources in the Writing Resources group in Schoology. Whether you need to brush up on foundational English skills or develop skills to help you be a successful student, the Knox Learning Center has what you need.

  • Overview
  • Are these courses right for me?

    If you are self-motivated and organized, independent study courses represent great options to achieve your learning goals. You will have autonomy to decide when and where you complete as well as how much time you invest in the course work. Particularly motivated students are often able to finish their courses before the scheduled ending date. If you need tips on study techniques or personal assistance with coursework, the staff in the Knox Learning Center is available to help.

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  • Courses

    Enrollment options depend on the level of comfort you have navigating the Southwest Tech website. One option is to meet with an Advisor or Knox Learning Center instructor; these individuals will work to ensure that you are enrolled in the course that best fits your needs. A second option is to register for these courses independently as a non-program student through the Continuing Education portal, in which case you do not need to complete an application or follow the admissions process.

  • Requirements
  • Supplies Needed

    • A pocket folder will be useful to organize handouts and course materials that you are given or choose to print for future reference.
    • Internet access is needed to view the materials; but once materials and assignment documents are downloaded, you can work on them offline and submit them once internet access is available again.
  • Other Resources
  • To support students who are taking program as well as independent study courses, The Knox Learning Center provides the following resources:

    The Writing Resource Group, which is housed in Schoology, is available anywhere you can access the internet. The Writing Resources group provides general information to answer questions about both basic and complicated grammar rules as well as resources to help with writing research papers in APA format.

    Tutoring Services – The Knox Learning Center offers one-on-one assistance in math, science, writing, communications, health science, and study effectiveness. Instructors and Academic Success Coaches are available by appointment or on a walk-in basis.