Workforce Advancement Training Grants

The State of Wisconsin has designated funds to provide training to the workforce across the state.

Workforce Advancement Training Grants are available through Southwest Tech. The purposes of these grants are to promote increased investment in the development of Wisconsin's workforce and expand technical college training services to help businesses and industry meet their training needs. Grants are awarded to upgrade the skills and productivity of employees for established businesses and industries operating in Wisconsin, with the broader objective of supporting regional workforce and economic development efforts (Lafayette, Grant, Iowa, Richland and Crawford Counties). The training can include any combination of academic, occupational and employability topics or courses.

Funded projects are expected to increase businesses' productivity and competitiveness. Projects that will increase employees' wages or expand their job and career opportunities, or that show a clear connection to regional development or industry cluster strategies collaboratively planned by employers and workforce and economic development interests, will receive special consideration.

All training must go through the Technical College System. Southwest Tech in Fennimore will be the college for businesses in their district (Crawford, Richland, Grant, Iowa, and Lafayette Counties). Businesses may apply for $2,500 to $200,000 per application for General Business projects and $2,500 to $50,000 for Small Business projects. All businesses will be required to complete the WTCS Employer Survey (on-line economic impact survey) 45 days after the completion of the training.

Clients who apply for and receive WAT Grants, typically save between 50 to 70 percent off the cost of their training. If you would like to discuss your annual employee training program to see if a WAT Grant is a good fit, please contact Business & Industry Services at 608.822.2360 or email