The Diversity Work Group has been working hard to plan for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Week 2021. Below, you will find an outline of the planned activities for the week. Individual event pages will give you a bit more detailed information. Faculty, staff, and students are welcomed and encouraged to join any and all events.

January 18th

Card campaign for healthcare workers & nursing home residents through Student Life

Send a card to healthcare workers & nursing home residents!
Pick up your own DIY Card Kits and stamps in the bookstore.

Film Festival!

This is a self-directed film festival. You may choose to require students to watch a movie and discuss in class or in another way that is meaningful to the topic and your program.

See the Film Festival Event page for list of films available to view.

January 19th

National Day of Racial Healing

Launched on Jan. 17, 2017, the National Day of Racial Healing is an opportunity to bring ALL people together in their common humanity and inspire collective action to create a more just and equitable world.

See the National Day of Racial Healing page for details.

January 20th

The Newest Americans Exhibit Kick-off

Come hear Sam Comen and Michael Estrin speak on the photos taken and interviews conducted in the moments immediately prior to and following two naturalization ceremonies in Los Angeles in February and March of 2017. 11:30-12:20.

See the Newest Americans Exhibit page for details.

January 21st

Café con Leche: New Year, New Me

3:30-4 Meet some of the college’s newest employees and learn how their work impacts the students of Southwest Tech.

See the Café Con Leche event page for details.