Southwest Tech supports our district EMS agencies. We provide many training opportunities and can customize training or run special programs to fit the needs of communities in our district.

District EMS Contacts

If the contact information you're looking for isn't listed, please contact Kris Schoville (Phone: 608.822.2665 or Email:

Department Name Service Director Dept. Email Dept. Phone Dept. FaceBook Page
Argyle EMS Andrew Chenous 608-543-3750 Argyle EMS FaceBook page
Avoca Rural EMS Peter (Brent) Cole 608-574-6854 Avoca Rural EMS FaceBook page
Bagley First Responders N/A N/A 608-996-2650 Bagley First Responders FaceBook page
Barneveld Area Rescue Sqaud Amy Perry 608-924-2904 Barneveld Area Rescue Sqaud FaceBook page
Belmont Ambulance Service Brandon Masbruch 608-762-5495 Belmont Ambulance Service FaceBook page
Benton First Responders Julie Neis 608-759-4425 N/A
Blanchardville Fire Department EMS Mary Pilling 608-523-4520 Blanchardville Fire Department EMS FaceBook page
Blue River Rescue Squad Lindi Degendardt 608-537-2357 N/A
Boscobel Rescue Squad Pam Cashman 608-375-2662 Boscobel EMS FaceBook page
Cassville EMS Terry Maahs 608-725-5875 Cassville Volunteer Fire Department FaceBook page
Cazenovia Area Rescue Squad N/A N/A 608-983-2840 Cazenovia Area Ambulance Service FaceBook page
Cobb First Responders N/A N/A 608-623-2464 Cobb Volunteer Fire Department
Cuba City Area Rescue Squad N/A N/A 608-744-8753 Cuba City Area Rescue Squad FaceBook page
Dickeyville Rescue Squad Dallas Dietzel 608-568-3095 N/A
Dodgeville Area Ambulance Service Brian Cushman 608-935-5111 Dodgeville Area Ambulance Service FaceBook page
Eastman First Responders Susan Knutson N/A 608-874-4337 N/A
Fennimore Rural Fire Department Rescue Squad Brian Heisz 608-822-3211 Fennimore Rescue Squad FaceBook page
Ferryville First Responders Brenda Torger Vassar 608-734-3624 Ferryville Fire Department FaceBook page
Fire Department of Mount Horeb Deputy Chief Jenny Minter 608-437-5571 Fire Department of Mount Horeb FaceBook page
Glen Haven First Responders Jeff Hochhausen 608-794-2550 Glen Haven First Responder FaceBook page
Gratiot First Responders N/A N/A 608-922-6626 Gratiot Volunteer Fire Department FaceBook page
Hazel Green Area Rescue Squad Jason Piddington 608-854-2319 Hazel Green Area Rescue Squad FaceBook page
Highland Ambulance Service Neil Michek 608-778-9299 Highland Ambulance Service FaceBook page
Hollandale First Responders Angela Olson 608-967-2358 Hollandale First Responders FaceBook page
Ithaca First Responders N/A N/A 608-585-3684 N/A
Jamestown First Responders N/A 608-568-3232 Jamestown Fire Department FaceBook page
Kickapoo Valley Rescue Squad N/A N/A 608-627-1810 Kickapoo Valley Rescue Squad FaceBook page
Lancaster EMS Inc. Jeff Boughton 608-723-6331 Lancaster EMS FaceBook page
Linden First Responders N/A N/A 608-935-4615 Linden First Responders FaceBook page
Livingston-Clifton First Responders Sarah/Zack Hake 608-943-6969 Livingston-Clifton Fire Department and First Responders FaceBook page
Lone Rock Rescue Daniel Wilson N/A 608-604-5812 Lone Rock Fire Department FaceBook page
Mineral Point Rescue Squad Steve Simmons N/A 608-987-2752 Mineral Point Rescue Squad FaceBook page
Montfort Rescue Squad Pete Hoffman 608-943-6045 Montfort Rescue Squad FaceBook page
Muscoda Rescue Squad Dorothy Hackl 608-739-3006 Muscoda EMS FaceBook page
North Crawford Rescue Todd Salmon N/A 608-632-0220 North Crawford Rescue Squad FaceBook page
Ocooch Mountain Rescue, Inc. Rebecca Salmon N/A 608-606-6411 Ocooch Mountain Rescue FaceBook page
Potosi Rescue Squad Inc. Tammy Gotzinger 608-763-4305 Potosi Rescue Squad Inc. FaceBook page
Prairie du Chien EMS N/A N/A 608-412-1602 Prairie du Chien EMS FaceBook page
Rewey First Responders LaVern Naeger 608-943-6161 Rewey Fire Department FaceBook page
Richland County Ambulance Service N/A N/A 608-647-6474 Richland County Ambulance Association FaceBook page
Ridgeway First Responders N/A N/A 608-924-2027 Ridgeway Fire Department FaceBook page
Rural Brideport Prairie du Chien First Responders N/A N/A 608-623-6540 Rural Bridgeport Prairie du Chien Fire Department FaceBook page
Rural Medical Ambulance Service N/A N/A 608-776-4207 Rural Medical Ambulance Service FaceBook page
Seneca First Responders N/A N/A 608-723-9104 Seneca Volunteer Fire Department FaceBook page
Shullsburg Rescue Squad Ronald Wiegel 608-965-4424 Shullsburg Rescue Squad - Unofficial FaceBook page
South Wayne First Responders N/A N/A 608-258-6186 South Wayne Fire Department FaceBook page
Southwest Health EMS Brian Allen 608-342-6250 Southwest Health Emergency Medical Services FaceBook page
Steuben First Responders N/A N/A 608-412-0338 N/A
Town of Scott First Responders N/A N/A 608-872-2541 N/A
Wauzeka First Responders N/A N/A 608-412-2929 N/A
West Grant Rescue Squad Inc. Phyllis Fuerstenberg 608-994-3180 West Grant Rescue Squad, Inc. FaceBook page
Western Richland County First Responders Cheryl Dull N/A 608-604-8950 Western Richland County First Responders FaceBook page
Woodman First Responders Todd Miller N/A 608-488-4893 Woodman 1st Responders FaceBook page