What are Charger Bucks?

Charger Bucks are a prepaid debit account that goes on your Student ID and can be used as dining dollars in the Southwest Tech cafeteria. Students pay no sales tax (SAVE 5.5%!!!) when using Charger Bucks for food purchases made in the cafeteria. Non-food items are subject to sales tax. Charger Bucks never expire as long as you are at Southwest Tech.

Where Can Students Buy Charger Bucks?

Complete an Add Charger Bucks Form and bring it by the Payments/Billing Office (Building 400, College Connection) to make a deposit to your account. You can pay by cash or check (make payable to "Southwest Tech").

Please allow 24 hours for Charger Bucks to be loaded onto your account.

You can also pay by mail.

Be sure to write your Student ID# on the check, along with "Charger Bucks" in the memo line. Send the check to:

Southwest Tech
ATTN: Payments/Billing Office
1800 Bronson Boulevard
Fennimore, WI 53809

Another way to add Charger Bucks is to defer on Financial Aid.

By the designated deferment date prior to the issuance of student refunds, students may be eligible to use their pending financial aid to pay for dining dollars. Up to $100 of Charger Bucks can be added at any time by completing the Add Charger Bucks Form and bringing it to the Payments/Billing Office. It is your responsibility to pay any amount on your account that is not covered by financial aid.

If you are unable to access documents here, please contact Business Office (businessoffice@swtc.edu, 608.822.2660)