The Math / Science Staff can support you with:

  • General Education math courses
  • General Education science courses
  • Other math and science oriented courses (Accounting, Business Math, etc.)
  • Different instructors have different areas of expertise. You may have to see a particular instructor for help with a particular course.

Helpful Sites

Pete Esser's Math Site

This is a website directory that shares resources for many of the math courses that are taught at Southwest Tech.

Southwest Tech Math/Science Center YouTube Channel

This YouTube channel features 159 homework-solution videos organized into six playlists for the Southwest Tech Math Review (and Occupational Math) course.

SWTC Math/Science Resource Center

This website features a large collection of math and science resources available for both teacher and student alike. Here you will have free access to tutorials, online calculators, tips, and reference materials all written by Southwest Tech instructors, Pete Esser and John Pluemer.

College Prep Courses

Math Review (Course # 77-854-799)

On completion of this independent course, students will have the math skills necessary to enter their chosen program. Students will compute with fractions, decimals, and percents. They will use formulas, ratio, and proportion to solve problems. Additional competencies vary based on the student’s chosen program. Some students will compute with signed numbers and solve linear equations.

  • Chapter Objective 1 - Fractions
  • Chapter Objective 2 - Decimals
  • Chapter Objective 3 - Percents
  • Chapter Objective 4 - Formulas
  • Chapter Objective 5 - Algebra (Only required for some programs)