Start Beginning Farm Management in High School

Do You Want To...

...Earn college credit in high school?
...Own or manage a farm?
...Join a farming operation
...Start an agribusiness of your own?

Southwest Tech and CESA #3 are partnering with your high school to provide this evening class to accommodate your schedule. Contact your guidance counselor for the Youth Apprenticeship billing code.

Beginning Farm Management is a year-long class that will focus on the beginning concepts of production agriculture in the areas of:

  • Business Planning
  • Risk Management
  • Recordkeeping & financial statements
  • Lending opportunities
  • Production Management
  • Agricultural Technologies
  • Mentorship and Networking opportunities

Individuals will be able to implement financial record programs, evaluate sources of credit, develop a business plan and construct financial statements necessary for whole farm analysis.

Individuals that should consider enrolling in this course are:

  • High school graduates going back to the farm
  • Current college students considering managing or owning a farm
  • FSA beginning farm loan borrowers
  • Individuals who recently bought land and are exploring farm enterprise options
  • Any individual interested in exploring beginning management of a farm business

Class is held once a month in the evening from September through June.

Individual farm assistance is available as part of enrolling in this course. Our instructor will meet with you individually to assist in activities like setting up a recordkeeping system, developing financial statements such as a balance sheet and cash flow plan, or constructing a business and marketing plan. Four (4) hours of individual assistance are available and setup by appointment with the instructor.

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Financial Assistance Opportunities

To learn about FBPM scholarships, contact a program instructor.

The following links are helpful resources related to FPBM: