Throughout the year, our instructors will offer short training courses that are focused on specific topics that address current demands of the farming community. Current offerings are:

Upcoming Classes

Producers enrolled in the Nutrient Management Planning and Nutrient Management Planning (Update) courses:

  • Will be eligible for tuition reimbursement and financial assistance with soil sampling upon completion of their 590 Nutrient Management Plan. Please contact an instructor to learn more.
  • Current soil samples within the last four years are required to complete a current 590 plan.
  • Upon successful completion of the Nutrient Management Planning course (#47090-413-LAB) and writing a 590 Nutrient Management Plan, a student will be able to sign off on their own 590 plan as outlined in the WI NRCS 590 Standard.


Financial Assistance Opportunities

To learn about FBPM scholarships, contact a program instructor.

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