Opportunities in Architecture and Construction

This cluster includes careers related to the design, building, maintenance, and operation of commercial and residential properties.

Building Trades - Carpentry: Learn to construct structures using both standard and sustainable building materials.
Construction Electrician Apprenticeship: Learn to lay out, assemble, install and test electrical circuits of fixtures, controls and switches, alarms, communications, and light and power systems.
Electrical Power Distribution: Learn to install and repair the cables and wires used in electrical power and distribution systems.
Industrial Electrician Apprenticeship: Learn to install, maintain, and repair all types of electrical equipment including motors, transformers, generators, controls, instruments, and lighting systems.
Plumbing Apprenticeship: Learn to install, repair and maintain the water supply, waste water treatment, drainage and gas systems in homes, commercial and industrial buildings.
Electro-Mechanical Technology: Get training in electrical and electronic controls, robotics, computers/computer-based controls, as well as control integration with hydraulics, pneumatics and other mechanical drive elements.
Industrial Mechanic: Gain technical skills in mechanical drive systems, electrical systems, hydraulics and pneumatics, laser alignment, basic welding, and machining.
Technical Studies-Journeyworker: This program provides students who have completed a registered apprenticeship an option to receive an associate degree designed around individual needs.
Individualized Technical Studies: Combine courses from two or more major areas of study into an Associate of Applied Science Degree that meets specific career preparation goals not available in other programs.
University Transfer Liberal Arts: Take courses to meet the general requirements of a four-year degree, and then transfer these credits toward a Bachelor’s of Science or Arts program at a college or university.