Opportunities in Education and Training

This cluster focuses on careers that have a lifelong impact on others in schools and businesses through teaching, planning, training, administration, and support.

Child Care Services: Learn to attend to children’s needs by organizing activities that stimulate physical, emotional, intellectual, and social growth.
Early Childhood Education: Learn to work with children to help them improve their social skills and prepare them for formal education by focusing on child development, healthcare and nutrition, creative activities, and communication skills.
Human Services Associate: Learn to provide information, support, care, and advocacy in a human service agency.
Leadership Development: Develop skills including leadership, human relations, delegation, labor relations, business ethics, and computer skills. This program is designed for individuals who are already engaged in, or are preparing for, leadership roles in an organization.
Individualized Technical Studies: Combine courses from two or more major areas of study into an Associate of Applied Science Degree that meets specific career preparation goals not available in other programs.
University Transfer - Associate of Arts/Science: Take courses to meet the general requirements of a four-year degree, and then transfer these credits toward a Bachelor’s of Science or Arts program at a college or university.