Opportunities in Marketing, Sales, and Service

This cluster focuses on selling products and services by identifying potential customers, determine the expected demand, and developing promotional and sales strategies through a variety of channels.

Business Management: Learn about business operations, accounting, marketing, service operations management, human resource management, team building, problem solving, and business law.
Leadership Development: Develop skills including leadership, human relations, delegation, labor relations, business ethics, and computer skills. This program is designed for individuals who are already engaged in, or are preparing for, leadership roles in an organization.
Business Analyst: Learn how data can be used to show trends or use data to enhance business practices.
Individualized Technical Studies: Combine courses from two or more major areas of study into an Associate of Applied Science Degree that meets specific career preparation goals not available in other programs.
University Transfer - Associate of Arts/Science: Take courses to meet the general requirements of a four-year degree, and then transfer these credits toward a Bachelor’s of Science or Arts program at a college or university.