Electro-Mechanical Technology Accelerated

Earn an Associate Degree in Electro-Mechanical Technology in just 15 months!

Southwest Tech has restructured the Electro-Mechanical Technology program due to the increasing demand for graduates. You can now earn an associate degree in just 15 months. Employers need you. Your future has arrived.

Automation, robotics, programmable logic controllers, and computers: these are a few of the technologies increasingly relied on by industry to remain competitive in a global marketplace.

Virtually every modern product and convenience from the vehicles we drive, to the utilities that light and heat our homes, to the food and drink on our tables relies on a complex mix of computerized and automated electrical, mechanical, and fluid power systems from production through packaging and distribution.

Electro-Mechanical technicians are the highly skilled workers responsible for installing, programming, monitoring, and maintaining these complex technologies and systems.

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