The Associate of Science degree places greater emphasis on science and mathematics. It also provides a foundation if you intend to continue your education at a baccalaureate degree granting college or university by offering Liberal Arts courses equal to those found in the first two years of a four-year degree.

By completing this degree, you have the benefit of a degree-to-degree transfer, where universities grant junior status and automatically waive specific lower division requirements, such as general degree requirements, regardless of individual courses taken at Southwest Tech.

Transfer Credits
To Southwest Tech

Transfer into SWTC

If you previously attended another college or university, you may be able to transfer credits towards your Associate of Science degree.

Transfer Southwest Tech Credits
To A University

Transfer into SWTC

Students can transfer individual courses, or their completed University Transfer Associate of Science degree.

Affordable and Close to Home

Students enrolled in Associate of Science program courses can save thousands of dollars by taking classes at a significantly lower cost per credit!

Diverse Educational Paths

Associate of Science graduates go on to earn bachelors, masters, and doctoral degrees in a wide variety of disciplines:

  • Architecture
  • Business (management, marketing, human resources, accounting, finance, economics)
  • Engineering
  • Health (dentistry, medicine, nursing, optometry, chiropractic, physical therapy, veterinary, pharmacy)
  • Information Technologies
  • Mathematics
  • Sciences (biology, biochemistry, chemistry, physics, sport/ exercise science)

Is Associate of Science for You?

If you are interested in earning a bachelor’s degree and want the convenience of Southwest Tech’s small class sizes, one-on-one attention, and save thousands of dollars by taking classes close to home, the Associate of Science degree may be a great fit for you.

  • Requirements
  • Admission and Program Requirements

  • Degree Plan
  • English (6 credits):

    • English Compostition I
    • English Compostition II

    Speech (3 credits):

    Humanities (6 credits):

    • Courses may include: history, literature, philosophy, world language

    Social Science (6 credits):

    • Courses may include: economics, political science, history, psychology, sociology.

    Mathematics & Natural Science (20 credits):

    • Students minimally complete college algebra
    • Courses may include: biology, chemistry, geography, geology, physics.

    World Language:

    • May be met with 1 year high school (C or better) or 1 college semester.

    Health/Wellness/PE (1 credits)

    Diversity & Ethnic Studies

    • Typically fulfilled through Social Sciences coursework.

    Electives (18 credits)

    • Select any college transfer courses beyond the minimum requirements.

Current students: see our collaborative program for University Transfer Liberal Arts in partnership with Nicolet College.