Thinking about transferring to Southwest Tech with credits from another college? By transferring credits you may be able to reduce the number of courses, credits, and cost required to earn your degree.

Ask for a Transcript Review

At any time you can request an unofficial review of your transfer credits from other institutions. Official transcripts can follow later, but must be done prior to receiving credit at Southwest Tech.

Steps to enroll

  1. Determine the best program for you

    Based on your interest and evaluating your transfer credits!

    Consider the job you want and the program that will help you earn the credentials you need to obtain a well-paying job after graduation. Not sure where to start? Contact a recruiter today that can help you explore your options by talking about programs you might be interested in or by taking a career assessment to see what program is the best fit for you. Email us at to start your career today!

    Talk with someone about paying for college.

  2. Apply!

    With over 60 programs from industries such as agriculture, health, business, hospitality, and more, you can be sure to apply to the program that is right for you. Simply ...

  3. Register

    Register for an upcoming semester!

    Register For Classes

    Registration is pretty straight forward.

If you have any questions about how to complete these steps or need additional help, Southwest Tech has a full team of experts waiting to help! Please let us know if we can do anything to support you as you navigate.