Sample Laptop Agreement


I hereby acknowledge acceptance of the Charger Tech 360 computer agreement from Southwest Tech (hereinafter referred to as "the College") to govern the use of a college-provided computer while I continue to be enrolled at the College based on the following details and terms:

  1. The purpose of this agreement is to provide a technology pack that includes temporary use of a laptop computer, technical support, training, repair options, accessories and the use of College licensed software (hereinafter referred to as "the computer").

  2. Automatic enrollment for the Charger Tech 360 Program:

    1. Enrolled or accepted to the waitlist of a Financial Aid eligible program
    2. Enrolled in 6 program degree credits per semester
  3. Opt-in eligibility

    1. Any student meeting the eligibility requirements in 2 (above), who enrolls with less than 6 credits will be eligible to opt into the Charger Tech 360 Program
    2. Liberal Arts students, no matter credit load, are also eligible to opt in

    1. Payment of the technology fee per semester
    2. ALL hardware and software issues “must” be resolved by the Charger Technology Support Center (CTSC)
    3. Adhere to the College Acceptable Use Policy
    4. Back-up my data
    5. Responsible for the replacement cost of the laptop ($1,200) if:
      1. Unapproved security software is installed
      2. Physical damage is caused by neglect, intentional destruction or improper use
    6. Return the laptop and accessories to CTSC by the published return date.
      1. Failure to return the laptop on time will result in legal action.
  5. The computer is and will remain the property of the original lessor of the computer or the College. I will have no title or ownership in the computer.

  6. I agree to pay the required $300 technology fee per semester. Student will be billed on a semester basis (excludes summer). All payments are due at the time and manner as Tuition and Fees, as published on the College website.

    1. The WTCS refund policy applies to the technology fee if all courses are not dropped prior to the semester start.
    1. At the time of acceptance of the laptop agreement, I will have the option of delivery method of either pickup at the Charger Technology Support Center (CTSC) or shipment to your residence. If I’m enrolled in a fully on-line program, I will be charged a non-refundable shipping fee of $20. Charges will be added to my College account. If I am enrolled in face to face courses on campus pickup is required.
    2. I will not remove or alter any College or other identification labels attached to or displayed on the computer. In addition, I will not adhere stickers or labels of any sort on any part of the computer. Charges will be added to my College account for any additional stickers, labels or discoloration due to said stickers or labels.
    3. I agree to use the provided device(s) in a careful and lawful manner and shall not make any alterations, additions, or improvements without prior written consent of the College. Prohibited alterations include, but are not limited to, the additional memory or Input/Output (I/O) devices. Should additions or improvements be made, such amenities will become the property of the College. Should the College elect to remove these additions, alterations, or improvements, the College reserves the right to charge the Student a fee(s) for the cost of restoring the device to its original configuration and condition.
    4. I will not assign, transfer, pledge or otherwise dispose of this agreement or any interest herein, or lend the computer or otherwise permit it to be possessed or used by anyone other than me.
    5. I understand I should contact the Charger Technology Support Center (CTSC) for issues related to the computer and software supplied by the College.  The CTSC will determine the appropriate process and method to resolve technical issues, including hardware repair, replacement, and supplied software.
      1. Any maintenance and repair of the computer must be performed by the Charger Technology Support Center or a manufacturer authorized service provider. Failure to comply with this provision will void the manufacturer warranty and result in subsequent charges to the student account.
      2. The College is not responsible for maintenance of or providing technical assistance for any applications or hardware not provided by the College.
    6. I agree to adhere to the College's regulations and policies governing the use of the computer per the College’s Acceptable Use Policy, as published on the College website. I agree to comply with all applicable State and Federal law including copyright and intellectual property law pertaining to software.
    7. I understand that I am fully responsible for the backup of my own data. The College shall not be held responsible for the loss of documents, desktop or system configurations, data files, media files or any other item or software installed on my computer. This includes any licensing or warranties that may be associated with the purchased software products.
    8. I am responsible for the replacement cost of any computer hardware rendered unusable by a user-applied electronic security method. These methods include, but are not limited to, application of passwords, biometric identification or security software.
    9. The College reserves the right to bill a student the entire cost of repair up to the replacement cost of the device as well as a physical damage incident fee per occurrence, in situations where it is determined that the cause of the damages were from neglect, intentional destruction, or improper use. Charges will be added to my College account.
      1. Fees and charges are published on the College’s website and are subject to change at the college’s discretion.
      2. Payment of fees and charges does not constitute ownership of the computer.
    10. I am responsible for returning the original computer and accessories to the Charger Technology Support Center at my own cost. I am responsible for the replacement cost for any lost, damaged or missing accessory. No exception will be made for the late return of accessories.  Charges will be added to my College account.
      1. Computer and accessories that need to be returned to the Charger Technology Support Center
        1. Original laptop computer and components
        2. Original power adapter and power cord
      2. Any damages incurred during return shipping are the responsibility of the sender. The Charger Tech 360 Program requires that you insure the laptop for $1,000 when shipping it to the Charger Technology Support Center.
    11. I agree to return the computer to the College’s Charger Technology Support Center upon request or notification by the College. Failure to comply by the specified date asked for may result in a hold being placed on my course registration privileges and transcript or other proper actions or sanctions. The College may also bill me an administrative fee and a computer replacement fee, initiate collection, repossession, or release my information for police investigation. Charges will be added to my College account.
      1. Failure to return the laptop on time will result in legal action.
    12. I must report the theft, loss or destruction of the computer, within 48 hours, to the College's Charger Technology Support Center and to the police department in the jurisdiction in which the theft or loss occurred. If I do not give the Charger Technology Support Center a copy of the written police report within 48 hours, the College may charge my College account the replacement cost of the computer. The Charger Technology Support Center will not issue me a replacement computer until I give them a copy of the written police report. The written police report must reference the computer’s make, model, and serial number.
    13. The College reserves the right to suspend eligibility, terminate student’s access to all program services, and College network account access for any student at any time at the College’s discretion. The following events terminate a student’s right to retain a College computer:
      1. Student’s failure to maintain good financial standing or academic eligibility
      2. Upon my graduation
      3. Withdrawal, dismissal or suspension from the College
      4. Student attempts to transfer or assign their interest in this Agreement and/or computer. This includes involuntary transfer of student’s interest in this Agreement and/or computer by operation of law.
    14. Under Chapter 137 Wisconsin Statute, I agree that the College may amend the terms of this agreement (to include cancellation) upon serving me a written Notice of Amendment. Any such notice will be served by my College email account. Such Notice of Amendment will be effective 10 days from the date on the email.
    15. The manufacturer of the computer, the original lessor of the computer, and/or the College are not responsible for any injuries, damages, penalties, or losses, including legal costs and expenses, incurred by me or any other person caused by the transportation, installation, use of or any other matters relating to the computer.
    16. This agreement and any amendments or supplements to it will be governed by the laws of the State of Wisconsin.
    17. No delay or failure to enforce any provision of this agreement will constitute a waiver or limitation of the College's rights of enforcement under it.
    18. I understand that my name, student ID, and student school email address is being shared with the laptop computer vendor for the sole purpose of student identification, College tracking of equipment, and communications about the College’s laptop program.
    19. I have fully read the terms of the Student Laptop Computer Agreement. I acknowledge, whether or not I am a student of the College, that I accept the terms and conditions of the agreement.

    Revised Date: 11.24.20

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