Refund Policy

Southwest Tech's tuition and fee refund policy is in accord with Wisconsin Technical College System and District Board policy guidelines.

As a general rule, students are responsible for requesting any refund of tuition and/or fees paid to Southwest Tech. Refunds under $5 will not be processed.

Adding or withdrawing from a course requires timely submission of appropriate paperwork to Student Services. Students can officially withdraw from a course upon notifying Student Services in writing or in person. The date of notification of withdrawal, not the last date of class attendance, is the official withdrawal date, which is used to determine the amount of a student's refund. Non-attendance does not reduce fees owed. Further, officially withdrawing from a course or courses does not eliminate a student's responsibility for any outstanding financial obligation to the College. (Students who entirely withdraw from school are encouraged to contact their program counselor for an exit interview.)

Refunds Before First Class Meeting

If Southwest Tech cancels a course, students can apply for a complete refund of tuition paid.

Students who drop a course before the first class meeting will receive a full refund of tuition paid. When one class is dropped and another added during the first seven calendar days of the term, the tuition payment is transferred from the dropped course to the added one.

Refunds After First Class Meeting

Once a term begins, the refund amount for a course is based on the official withdrawal date relative to the number of days the class has met. (The refund period begins the first day a course meets, not the first day a student attends it.) The applicable schedule is as follows:

Official Course Withdrawal Fee Refunded
Before 11% of the class meetings 80%
Between 11-20% of the class meetings 60%
After 21% of the class meetings 0%

Dropping or withdrawing from a course is an important decision. It may affect current and future financial aid, enrollment, and program status. Students are encouraged to meet with their program counselor to discuss what alternative academic assistance may be available and the potential consequences of dropping or withdrawing.

Note: Students with obligations for the Spring term will be allowed to register for future Summer/Fall courses provided that the Spring balance is paid in full by June 1. Students with unpaid Spring balances as of June 1 will be dropped from their Summer/Fall courses.