• Overview
  • Program Basics

    • Associate degree
    • Day, evening, or online classes available
    • Financial aid available
    • Classes start in June, August, or January

    Degree Completion Requirements

    • Possess a Wisconsin Apprenticeship Completion Certificate issued by the Department of Workforce Development-Bureau of Apprenticeship Standards registered program which includes a minimum of 400 hours of prescribed apprentice related technical instruction in the Wisconsin Technical College System.
    • Complete all prescribed WTCS apprentice related technical instruction. Possession of the DWD-BAS Wisconsin Apprenticeship Completion Certificate AND successful completion of all prescribed coursework fulfills the 39 credit minimum technical studies requirement of the Technical Studies – Journeyworker Associate of Applied Science degree.
    • Meet the WTCS Associate of Applied Science Degree requirement for a minimum of 21 credits. This consists of 15 credits of general education distributed across Communications, Social Science, Behavioral Science, Math and/or Science categories as well as 6 elective Associate Degree Level Technical Studies or additional general education credits.
    • Complete at least 25% of the total program credits through coursework undertaken at the technical college granting the AAS degree and meet any institutional graduation requirements. A WTCS apprenticeship program with at least 400 hours of paid related instruction (PRI) meets this threshold.
  • Curriculum & Costs
  • Curriculum shown is for students entering the program. Current students should see their advisor as curriculum/courses shown here may not represent courses needed for currently enrolled students.

    Curriculum listed is tentative for the 2023-2024 academic year.
    Current students should view their Degree Audit in the Student Portal.


    Communications (6 credits)
    Course # Course Title Credits
    10-801-136 English Composition 1 3
    10-801-195 Written Communication 3
    10-801-196 Oral/Interpersonal Communication 3
    10-801-197 Technical Reporting 3
    10-801-198 Speech 3
    Social Science (3 credits)
    Course # Course Title Credits
    10-809-122 Intro to American Government 3
    10-809-128 Marriage & Family 3
    10-809-143 Microeconomics 3
    10-809-166 Intro to Ethics: Theory & App 3
    10-809-172 Introduction to Diversity Studies 3
    10-809-195 Economics 3
    10-809-196 Intro to Sociology 3
    Behavioral Science (3 credits)
    Course # Course Title Credits
    10-809-159 Abnormal Psychology 3
    10-809-188 Development Psychology 3
    10-809-198 Intro to Psychology 3
    10-809-199 Psychology of Human Relations 3
    Math and/or Science (3 credits)
    Course # Course Title Credits
    10-804-107 College Mathematics 3
    10-804-113 Technical Math 1A 3
    10-804-114 Technical Math 1B 2
    10-804-118 Intermediate Algebra w Apps 4
    10-804-123 Math w Business Apps 3
    10-804-133 Math & Logic 3
    10-804-189 Introductory Statistics 3
    10-804-195 College Algebra w Apps 3
    10-804-196 Trigonometry with Apps 3
    10-806-143 College Physics 1 4
    10-806-154 General Physics 1 4
    10-806-177 Gen Anatomy & Physiology 4
    10-806-179 Adv Anatomy & Physiology 4
    10-806-186 Intro to Biochemistry 4
    10-806-189 Basic Anatomy 3
    10-806-197 Microbiology 4
    Total Credits: 15

    Associate Degree Level Technical Studies or Additional General Education (6 credits)

    Students in this program are required to take 6 credits of Associate Degree Level Technical Studies (10-xxx-xxx) or an additional 6 General Education credits. The additional General Education credits may come from the list above. Contact the program Advisor to discuss options or credits for consideration.


    Occupational Specific Courses are met by a Wisconsin Apprenticeship Completion Certificate, issued by the Department of Workforce Development-Bureau of Apprenticeship Standards (DWD-BAS) registered program. The program must include a minimum of 400 hours of prescribed apprentice-related instruction in the Wisconsin Technical College System.

    TOTAL = 60 credits

  • Requirements
  • Admission and Program Requirements

    • Submit Wisconsin Apprenticeship Completion Certificate, or currently enrolled in a WTCS apprenticeship program
    • Submit Application
    • To make sure your classes are the right fit, we consider any previous college credit you've earned, Accuplacer or ACT scores, high school GPA, or an assessment at your registration session. Submit High School Transcripts, College Transcripts, and Test Scores to: Southwest Tech, Attn: Admissions, 1800 Bronson Blvd, Fennimore, WI 53809
    • Admissions Preference Policy

      Priority for program acceptance will be given in this order until May 1, 2024:

      1. Southwest Wisconsin Technical College District Residents (permanent address is in one of Southwest Tech’s 30 school districts the College serves) Southwest Tech District Information
      2. Non-District State Residents
      3. Out-of-State Residents

    Program Fees

    • This program is eligible for Financial Aid.
    • Estimated cost for each semester can be found under the Curriculum tab. Please note that costs are approximate and are based on the current academic year.
    • Please discuss additional fee questions with the program advisor or instructor.
  • Outcomes
  • This program provides students who have completed a registered apprenticeship program an option to receive an associate degree designed around individual needs.

  • Career Opportunities
  • This program will be designed for each individual student. Career opportunities will depend on the courses that are selected to meet the student's career goals. It is anticipated that a student will design a program plan that will meet the requirements of a particular career area.