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2024 Spring Term Begins January 15th, 2024

A new year brings new goals, and the admissions team at Southwest Tech wants to help you get the education you need for the career you want!

Many programs, both face-to-face and online, begin in January! We can help you determine the best program for you! Consider the job you want and the program that will help you earn the credentials you need to obtain a high-wage job after graduation. Still, trying to figure out where to start? Contact a recruiter today that can help you explore your options by talking about programs you might be interested in or by taking a career assessment to see what program is the best fit for you.

Programs with January Starts

Email us at to start your career today!

Next Steps

  • Talk with someone about paying for college.

    Not sure how you’re going to pay for college or have questions about how to complete the FAFSA? See our Financial Resources page for more information or talk with a representative from Financial Aid by calling (608) 822-2660 or emailing to help determine the best plan for you.

  • Apply!

    There are almost 20 programs that begin in January, and additional programs have the option to start early by enrolling in general education courses.

  • Register for 2024 Spring Term Courses

    After you apply, our admissions team will contact you about what you must complete to register for classes. Finally, you will work with your advisor to enroll in courses that begin this spring. Your new student registration meeting is also a great time to ask additional questions. At the end of the meeting, you can officially call yourself a Southwest Tech Charger.

    Want to complete all of these steps in one day?